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              The Splendor Hotel-Taichung


              Check in

              The Perpetual Landmark

              Welcome to The Splendor Hotel-Taichung !

              The Splendor Hotel-Taichung  is located in the hub of Taichung's most prosperous commercial district. No matter where you come from, please allow us to provide you with our excellent services and let you enjoy your stay in Taichung, a city filled with creativity and cultural attractions!
              Our hotel contains:
              ● 222 refined and comfortable guest rooms
              ● Four international gourmet restaurants
              ● Lobby lounge with live piano performance
              ● One cigar bar with cigar room
              ● Multipurpose conference rooms that are suitable for all kinds of conference and banquet
              ● Oriental Club with an outdoor temperature-controlled sky pool
              We provide you a comfortable living experience and all kinds of fine services to make your travel easier and joyful. We will be looking forward to serving you at any time.